Driver cum Sales Assistant

Date: 29 Jun 2024

Location: MY

Company: Baba Products

Job Summary (Brief summary of Job Responsibility)

Ensure the Sales Line Assigned is serviced regularly and collection is done promptly

Job Description (List of task carried out)

  1. Follow the routing in handheld and have to visit all customers as per schedule. b) Mandatory to follow“7 Steps” when conducting sales transaction:- i. Greet customer & scan barcode ii. Check stock & return iii. Take order iv. Deliver stock v. Collection vi. Merchandising vii. Thank customer & log out handheld c) Copy of Tax Invoice, Receipt & Goods Return Note to be retained for submission. d) “Goods Return Note” must have customer’s rubber stamp. e) Customer complaints & tele-orders are to be attended to within 24 hours.
  2. Be at loading area & submit stock request to Loading Head by 7.30am each day, for the following:- a) Unload & arrange stocks on the pallets as per company’s requirement. b) Ensure returned stocks are segregated & displayed separately. c) Check & load the final quantity into respective vehicle before heading out for sales. d) Ensure acknowledged copy of “Verification Report” is handed to respective Branch Manager/Executive.

Education Requirement

Skills Requirement