General Worker

Date: 15 Jul 2024

Location: MY

Company: Baba Products

Job Summary (Brief summary of Job Responsibility)

Involves in production operation by operating equipment to assist with the manufacturing, processing and packaging of products along the production line.

Job Description (List of task carried out)

1. Ensure proper and safe keeping of machines and factory facilities.                                        
2. Ensure an efficient arrangement of raw material                                        
3. Ensure the processing of the product according to guidelines.                                        
4. Be responsible for packing and storing of finish product.                                        
5. Maintain general cleanliness of the machines and factory                                        
6. Undertake processing of prodcut and operating of machines as directed by superior.                                        
7. Inform the superios on any irregularities in the factory operation                                        
8. Undertake other duties assigned by superior from time to time.                                        
9. Contribute to the Management of company leading to plans and objectives associated with Qc and Production.                                        
10. Any other task that may be assigned to you from time to time by the company.

Education Requirement

Skills Requirement