Date: 21 Jul 2024

Location: MY

Company: Baba Products

Job Summary (Brief summary of Job Responsibility)

To ensure the outlets assigned is serviced, where products are made available and shelf occupancy is maintained as per the planogram.

Job Description (List of task carried out)

  1. You shall be attired in Babas uniforms during your working hours while stationed at any of our promotion outlets. You may be relocated to other outlets in Klang Valley when the need arises.
  2. You shall report to Sales Manager / Sales Supervisor on your daily promotional activity each morning.
  3. You shall follow the standard display procedures while at the supermarket or any other retail outlet or mini – market.
  4. You shall greet the Manager at the outlet that you are visiting yourself. You shall visit the store and inspect the staff – life of our goods.
  5. You shall ensure there are sufficient stocks in the store. In the event there are insufficient goods in the store, you shall report the matter to the Sales Manager / Sales Supervisor immediately.
  6. You shall endeavor to arrange our products in an eye-catching position, and You shall follow the first-in / first out principle (FIFO) while arranging our products to reduce expired stock and market returns.
  7. Goods that weight 25gm, 125gm and 250gm for turmeric, Fish, Meat, Chilly and Kurma should be displayed in the same row on the second row (eye catching). All other products together with flour items should be either in the same row or on the third row.
  8. The 1kg and 3 kg items should be placed at the top of the shelf or at the bottom.
  9. Any other tasks as instructed by your superior from time to time.

Education Requirement

Skills Requirement